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 PyPq v82 Bot

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PostSubject: PyPq v82 Bot   Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:24 pm

A Pyramid PQ bot made by(The Nu||z). Works on 32-bit and 64-bit and now works on all versions of Windows. Please make sure your system is up-to-date before using, and that you are running the program with admin privileges.

What it Does
This will enter the Pyramid PQ, complete each stage, exit; and then collect the jewel and repeat. The only requirement is that you character have at least one mob skill (A skill that attacks more than one target at a time).

What's New

The Aran class is now supported. Users can choose to use either the Double Swing or Triple Swing skill to be used as the attack skill.
MapleStory window detection is now more accurate.

MapleStory Window Selection - Allows the user to select which MapleStory window to use for the bot process.
User-Selected Keys - Allows the user choose which keys will be used for what actions.
User-Defined Intervals - Allows interval and delays to be changed selectively by the user.
Left/Right Movement - Moves the character in alternating directions at a given interval inside each stage (see above.)
AutoPot HP/MP - Automatically use a potion at a user defined interval inside each stage (see above.).
Difficulty Level Selection - Allows the user to easily change the difficulty level used for the bot process (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell).
Traceable Actions - Provides a log of all actions made by the bot process during each run.
Window Transparency - Allows the user to change the opacity of the window making it more or less transparent.
Lockable Keyboard Focus - Locks the keyboard focus to the target window while the bot process is active.
Always On Top - Forces the bot window to be the top window making it always displayed.
Minimizing Memory Usage - The working set size is reset at the start of each run so the bot process will constantly use as little memory as possible.
Lag Protection - Longer delays are used for map transitions and NPC chatting to prevent the internal timer from being thrown off by game lag.
Hot Keys

[F9] - Toggles the visibility of the traceable actions window.
[F10] - Toggles the state of the Lock Keyboard Focus feature.
[F11] - Aborts the bot process.

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File Analysis
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Position your character to the left side on the Pyramid Dunes map.
Put MapleStory into Windowed Mode (This can be done by either pressing ALT+ENTER, or by going to Menu>System Options and checking 'Window' in the Viewing Mode section.)
Run the NzPyPQ executable (NzPyPQ.exe).
Under 'MapleStory Window' select a function key (F1-F8).
Click the MapleStory wndow you want to use and press the key you just selected above.
Configure your key settings and select the correct difficultly level. NOTE: For Arans, you must check either Double Swing or Triple Swing as setting your Attack key.
Click the 'Start' button.

You can not use other windows while the bot process is active. Doing so will result in the bot process sending keyboard commands to the unexpected windows. It is best to have 'Lock Keyboard Focus' turned on while botting.
You should be certain you can complete the PQ effectively before botting.
Make sure you have enough potions to satisfy your character for however long you plan to be botting.
I suggest you patch your Mob.wz before using the bot, so that the Yeti will always be avoided. A working patcher can be found here.
This bot does not use any hacks at all and is completely undetectable by the game. This means that it will not A/B.
Enjoy Guys!
Credits Nullz
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PyPq v82 Bot

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