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 Strategies- How to kill

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PostSubject: Strategies- How to kill   Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:26 pm

How to Kill a Boxer

- everyone knows about it and it is sometimes very hard to kill a player with the box.

you must have a Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle example is a PSG

1. aim your PSG in the top of yuor enemys head

2. if missed dont unscope, wait until the scope changes to its original position and shot the enemy's head BANG !

if you do this properly this is 100% headshot

How to kill a Waller

- everyone hates a waller but us we are waller but this days we dont have one

your PC or internetconnection must be low or when you play SF it's lag
my ping was 500 (very low)

its easy to kill a waller when your lag cause sometimes it may Bug your Life (hp) and you may kill them All

sometimes if you are lag some player will see that you are teleporting cause of your low connection

then it may lead you to victory.

if you are not laggy you may put a plan example
+ bob1 will camp near the touch down
+ Newgen will be the bait or the sacrificer
+ kill*me (waller) will kill Newgen
+ bob1 quickly kill [kill*me] with a PSG
How to kill a aimbot

-this one is hard to kill (lalo na pag mag isa ka lang) when you are killing a aimbot player you must bring 2 or 3 of your Team mates (so some one must sacrifice before winning)

when the aimbot is killing your teammates you strikely kill him quickly before he kill you.

How to Kill a IMBA JUMP or JUMP hack

-this is the hard one cause the one who use this hack is always on the base
so you must go on the base of your enemy and Kill him sometimes you will have a hard time going to your enemy's base (good luck)!

How to kill a Glitcher this is common to Bridge Venezia Shanghai Misisle and other maps

just throw a bomb near the player where he glitches then when the players goes up quickly kill him.(when you bomb it sometimes the glitcher jumps)


sometimes Blue Team Glitches in Box 1 Just throw a bomb and then it may Kill the Glitcher if not the Glitcher will jump.

~Venezia there are 2 Glitching spot near the touch down (TD) one in the lower and the upper

Lower- go near the base of the blue team then throw a bomb where after the wall is the glitching spot then kaboom !!

Lower- you can throw a smoke grenade and quickly run and kill the glitcher

upper- just like Lower (2) throw a smoke grenade and quicky run to the td or kill the glitcher

upper- Throw a Flashbang in the top of the building if lucky all of them may be blinded.


there are only one glitcing spot in the red team

you cannot easily kill the Glitcher but you can wait to kill the glitcher just Guard the TD then when the glitcher goes out you can kill him you have 50% of killing him and 50% of losing cause of nervous.


blue teams base near the truck just throw a grenade under the truck just like in shanghai.

How to kill a lagger (just like me)

-heres the plan i post it here so it will be fare cause sometimes no one can kill me cause of my lowconnection or lag

-sometime when i walk and do none things example

a lagger walk in the mid you will automaticaly see the lagger in the mid but you didnt know that the lagger is now in his base

before the lagger disapear quickly kill the lagger with a Rapid fire gun or a high damage gun

then some seconds and minute pass you will see that you kill the lagger

Thank you For Reading (no need thanks) if you want dare to (hehehe)

the strength is not with the GUN its with the strategies.

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Strategies- How to kill

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