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 [RELEASE] WonderSpeed 0.2.4 *fullOffmap kill*

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PostSubject: [RELEASE] WonderSpeed 0.2.4 *fullOffmap kill*   Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:38 pm

Posted By Colddot

Hello all,
First of all i wanna thank AsukaiTetsunori for loaning me his account to test the high lvl mobs, and fixing that bug. So you can kill all lvl mobs now.
After tedious working on this system. I finally got how the movement works for players and mobs. With that i added the full map killing back. 1 for me, 0 for wk . Anyways BEHOLD 0.2.4 ITS PURE WIN (i hope)
Because of how everything works now there are a couple of things you have to be noticed of
- Godmode is exluding dmg you get from debuffs, (so poison gass from moro for example will still kill you)
- If you can not pick up items thats because of auto kill is on (same is for entering portals)
- I removed some mutex objects from the monster list to get the little extra umph (perhaps it was unecerely) but anyways this could perhaps cause a crash
- I was experiancing a messed up bug, which caused WS to lock up, if this happens to you please reboot WS/WK
In this version i implanted the setposition at 1, 1 every 1/4 second (if you enabled auto kill) in other words, you will flicker through the map, but you will never be stationary. If you can see them it wont have to be that they can see you if you got AK enabled
SHIFT+A – to kill everything in the map once (STOP CHANGING THIS KEY, ColdDoT)
F9 – to toggle godmode on/off (default on)
F10 – to toggle auto kill on/off (default off)
F11 – to print the current state of auto kill and godmode (beware this will send it to all)
[Files & Download]
WonderSpeed.dll 14BC479C 96 768
WonderSpeed.exe 58AA997E 107 008
WonderSpeed.0.2.4.rar Latest> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[Changelog 0.2.4]
- You can now kill any mob regarding lvl (works for bosses to)
- Moved the packet handling back into threads (this should fix the freezing)
- Added monster movement handlers
- Added player movement controlling
- Added full map kill
- Added properly dropping of items (on the position where the mob died)

Put the .dll and the .exe inside your WonderKing folder than run wonderspeed.exe

To be able to use the hack you must attack a monster first.

then you will have to walk around the map as it wont attack every mob until you do.

Tell me if it doesn't work for you.
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[RELEASE] WonderSpeed 0.2.4 *fullOffmap kill*

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