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 [Leak] Older Version Of SoulMS Repack!

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PostSubject: [Leak] Older Version Of SoulMS Repack!   Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:55 pm

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A nice starter pack in order to get you going.
Ring Effects
Most skills working
Zakum Squads
Bot system
Realistic Boss fights(Zakum spawn creeps during battle)
All Boss reactors work
Custom PvP System
Custom Exprate System
Custom Rebirth System
Custom Player/Donator Command System
Custom Event NPC
Autoban system, Keeps hackers out of the way!
FM bosses
Custom Exp System
Custom Rebirth System
Custom PQs

NPC's / Misc.
"Harry in the FM to find out more
PVP kills can be used to redeem rare items in game from harry! The more you kill , You get to exchange for rarer items"

Other cool features
PVP damage and skills has been customized to suit fairplay of a pvp battle.
Capture the flag: A Party vs Party PVP to capture the other party's flag, There are 5 arenas available
!pvp challenge - challenges the player of your wish to a pvp fight
!pvp accept/decline/withdraw - accept/decline/withdraw a pvp challenge
3types of pvp deathmatches (Single/Party/Guild)
KerningPQ - Fully working
HenesysPQ - Fully working
LudiPQ - Fully working
LudiMazePQ - Fully working
Zakum PQ - Fully working
Guild Quest - Fully working
Orbis PQ - In progress
Custom NPCS
If you are lazy, Just head to Fredrick(All in one NPC)
Nana(H) - Job Advancer
Doofus - Pet seller
Cloy - Pet quest/seller
Computer - Jukebox
Spinel - World tour
MrMoneyBag - Money system
Duey - Scroll seller
Fredrick - Npc spawner
Tia - Rebirth npc(requires 1 maplecoin)
Nana(P) - Custom arrow/star seller
Honorable rock - Bosswarper
Nana(E) - town scrolls/milk seller/mount seller
Coco - Follow the lead quest (for multipets)
Trade button opens Cash shop

New Features!

Clones: Use @cloneme to create a clone of yourself. This clone will do damage to a monster just like you did, just like shadow partner, for any skill!

Monster Points: A point system. You get 1 monster point for ever monster you kill. Rankings are made for this.

PvP Rankings: Rewards will be given for the top PvP killer! There will also be rankings for this.

Invincibility: You will not lose HP or HP, and other things for 10 minutes! It costs quite a bit, use this wisely (hint: BossPQ / Bossing!)

x]Zakum has realistic GMS like drops
[x]Vending Machine spawns in Henesys every hour that drops godly equips
[x]Bob spawns every two hours and drops maple leavess
[x]If you use @donate after three donates a donation event can be started in Henesys (Contains Silver Slimes & Cube Slimes with high EXP
[x]@multiplyme - Multiplies your meso rate by two for 15 Minutes for a price
[x]@godmode - Makes it where you can't lose HP or MP for 10 minutes for a price
[x]Family Clans - BlueFamily & RedFamily
[x]Monster Point rankings. Who can kill the most monsters? @kilranking
[x]@president can make you president of a channel in SoulMS. Once president your EXP is multiplied by three. (Or you can talk to Obama in the FM)
[x]Chuck Norris in Henesys can fame, kill, defame, warp to, or send items to players
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PostSubject: Re: [Leak] Older Version Of SoulMS Repack!   Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:40 pm

I bet the link doesn't work Sad
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[Leak] Older Version Of SoulMS Repack!

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